Expedition Skills’ is an excellent showcase of the considerable knowledge and expertise L5 coaches Olly and Nige have amassed over the years on sea kayaking expeditions.

Contained within 20 chapters that include generic headings from ‘Planning,’ ‘Nutrition,’ and ‘First Aid’ all the way through to much more sea kayaking-specific topics such as ‘Paddling Kit’, ‘Packing Fuel, Food and Fluids’ in your sea kayak and ‘Wildlife’ which covers how to prevent and deal with bear encounters - is a truly comprehensive guide to the skills required for any sort of sea kayaking expedition, however tame or ambitious it is.

There is considerable input from a wide range of coaches and other expedition paddlers on Expedition Skills, with names such as Loel Collins, Nigel Dennis, Ray Goodwin, Howard Jeffs and Doug Cooper being amongst the many to have been interviewed or involved and who offer their advice.

Nige was keen to stress that ‘from the beginning [the DVD was] aimed at everybody. Even though the majority of it is in Greenland, those skills are generic, and apply even if it is a group of mates out for a weekend along the coast somewhere around the UK.’ Olly added that ‘the subject of this DVD has been a sort of passion of mine, I do a lot of expedition paddling, and I don’t feel like there’s anything else out there that caters for people who want to have that next adventure... Hopefully it gives you skills to go away with that are different to the generic coaching syllabus stuff.’

This DVD certainly does all of these things: whether you are a casual hobbyist who enjoys a paddle with friends at the weekend, or a more experienced sea kayaker who really wants to step up your game with a longer and more committed trip, there is something here for you. Yes, it’s packed-out with practical information and tips; our feeling, though, is that one of the real bonuses of this DVD is the inspiration it offers for you to go in search of that adventure.